Geophysical Resistivity / IP Survey

The geophysical technique is a ground-based physical sensing technique to ascertain subsurface detail that commonly used in archaeological imaging and mapping. But nowadays, the geophysical technique can be implemented in many types of application including groundwater exploration due to the high demand for groundwater sources. Since finding potential sources of groundwater by drilling is very expensive, the geophysical technique played a useful role in the investigation of groundwater with low cost

Electrical Resistivity Method

The electrical resistivity method used the direct current to investigate the electrical properties of the subsurface by measuring the resistance distributed through the material.

Applications of Resistivity Profiling:

  • Groundwater prospecting
  • Mineral exploration
  • Map lateral extent of conductive contaminant plumes
  • Locate voids and karsts
  • Map heavy metals soil contamination
  • Delineate disposal areas
  • Explore for sand and gravel
  • Mapping of faults, Boulders, Cavities & Sinkholes
  • Geotechnical investigation
Geomative GD-20 field test
2D electrical resistivity profiling

Execution Team:

Team leader     Mahisham Ibrahim
Operation Manager Hakim Mhd Ramzam
SME Hydrogeologist Jamaludin Othman
Geologist                              Dr Suhaili Ismail
Software RES2DINV
Equipment Geomative GD-20
Supporting Team Submap Geophysical Sdn Bhd
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